Tuesday, 15 September 2015 12:12

In the last two weeks, has received a couple of favorable media mentions.  In a Seeking Alpha article, Ruerd Heeg wrote:


How I find these stocks and what I do with them

I find these stocks with IT products rarely deliver more than they promise. This website is one of the exceptions. In fact, it delivers much more than I had expected. It provides screening using all kinds of complex and programmable combinations of criteria. In addition, it provides a number of very handy features that I really need but before subscribing I didn't know I would need.
Also, Tom Shaughnessy of SecretCaps created a YouTube video, in which he showed users how to find attractive microcap companies using  The video is embedded at the bottom of this page.
Wednesday, 11 March 2015 19:46

We now offer Amazon Prime and Amazon Kindle Unlimited members the ability to rent founder Lenny Grover’s Risk/Upside Analysis Kindle e-book for freePaperback and e-book copies are also available from Amazon.


We are also pleased to announce that we have entered into a partnership with Tradier Brokerage.  Tradier Brokerage is a brokerage that offers $3.49 commissions for equity trades and $0.35 for option contract trades (with a $5 minimum for single leg and a $7 minimum for multi-leg orders), with a minimum deposit of just $1,000.  It is now possible to trade US exchange-traded securities from within company profiles. Tradier Brokerage customers who place at least 8 trades per month can use at no charge. integration and Tradier’s low commissions provide an ideal trading experience.  If you are interested in taking advantage of this offer, please contact us at

Friday, 16 May 2014 13:04
Share founder Lenny Grover’s new book is now available in both print and Kindle e-book formats.  The Kindle version is currently priced at just $9.99!  Risk/Upside Analysis: A Framework for Making Profitable Investment Decisions outlines a holistic analytical framework for evaluating investment opportunities.  Unlike many popular investment books, Risk/Upside Analysis does not recommend oversimplified trading “systems” and, instead, encourages readers to apply a disciplined investment methodology to selecting individual investments.  If you are interested in learning how to make better investments, you might want to pick up a copy.


Below are the links to purchase Risk/Upside Analysis on Amazon.


Global Kindle E-Book:


US Print:


UK Print:


Germany Print:

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