Reasonably Priced Companies With Consistent Growth

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Condition1 Period Type(I) = "Quarterly", Don't Include N/A Values
Condition2 Total Revenue(A) >= Total Revenue(A-1), Don't Include N/A Values
Condition3 Total Revenue(A-1) >= Total Revenue(A-2), Don't Include N/A Values
Condition4 Total Revenue(A-2) >= Total Revenue(A-3), Don't Include N/A Values
Condition5 Total Revenue(I) >= Total Revenue(I-1), Don't Include N/A Values
Condition6 Total Revenue(I-1) >= Total Revenue(I-2), Don't Include N/A Values
Condition7 Total Revenue(I-2) >= Total Revenue(I-3), Don't Include N/A Values
Condition8 P/E including extraordinary items-TTM <= 20, Don't Include N/A Values
Condition9 Revenue Change-TTM over TTM >= 0.1, Don't Include N/A Values


Field1 Exchange Traded On
Field2 Country Located In
Field3 Sector
Field4 Revenue-most recent fiscal year
Field5 Revenue Change-year over year
Field6 Price-closing or last bid
Field7 P/E including extraordinary items-TTM
Field8 Net Income(I)
Field9 Period Type(I)


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Sort Order :ASC
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This screen looks for 3 consecutive quarters and 3 consecutive years of revenue growth with ttm-YoY revenue growth of at least 10 percent; it also requires companies to have P/E ratios of less than 20 and sorts results by P/E.

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